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2010-2015 INRM Plan

The 2010-2015 Integrated Natural Resource Management plan sets out a range of NRM programs under four key themes:

INRM plan front cover


Download the poster version of the INRM Plan here

Download the INRM Plan:


Front Cover (PDF 494 KB)

Regional Action Plans

Introduction (PDF 1.8 MB)

Top End (PDF 1 MB)

NT-wide programs (PDF 3M B)

Gulf Savanna (PDF 800 KB)

Appendix (PDF 1.6 MB)

Tablelands (PDF 860 KB)

Back cover (PDF 494 KB)

Arid Lands (PDF 766 KB)

The NRM programs include Territory classics, like ‘harnessing fire’, controlling weeds’ and ‘reducing feral animal impacts’; a few new entries like ‘entering the conservation economy’ and ‘minimising ecological footprints’ as well as things integral to the mix like ‘building knowledge and capacity’ and ‘engaging the community’.

Within the programs are targets (both mid and long-term) and a suite of management actions that are necessary if we are to achieve the targets. A list of measures has also been provided for assessing progress towards target achievement.

The revised INRM plan has a two-tier structure– setting strategic directions for NRM at the Territory-scale (39 management actions), while capturing the diversity of local concerns and priorities across the Territory through regional action plans for the Top End (18 management actions), Gulf Savanna (19), Tablelands (5) and Arid Lands (9).