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MEDIA RELEASE: Plan launched to manage Northern Territory’s natural resources

Floodplains are part of the natural assets TNRM’s five-year NT NRM plan aims to sustainably manage. Photo: Nathalie Laurence

A five-year plan that sets out measurable goals for the sustainable management of the Northern Territory’s water, land, soils and biodiversity will be released publicly on Friday 17 June.

Territory Natural Resource Management (TNRM) created the strategy to provide guidance to the thousands of people who work on a range of complex issues in the Northern Territory such as managing fire, preventing and managing weeds, reducing feral animal impacts, incorporating sustainable practices, minimising the environmental impact of developments and engaging the community.

The ‘Northern Territory Natural Resource Management Plan 2016 - 2020’ builds on two previous strategic documents TNRM produced following significant consultation with a wide range of stakeholders including land holders, community groups, Indigenous organisations, primary producers, researchers, and government.

TNRM Chief Executive Karen May said the not for profit organisation had built strong relationships with organisations and individuals who manage the Territory’s natural resources and created a strategy focused on facilitating efficient investment.

“This plan enables us to collectively make better decisions, leverage interest and investment into natural resource management activities that maintain or improve the Territory’s natural values,” she said.

“We anticipate the many people that work in NRM throughout the Territory will use it as a guiding document.”

“It aims to help educate and raise awareness about the challenges facing the Territory’s valuable natural resources and attract new players to unique opportunities.”

Ms May said while the plan directly targeted those involved in NRM activities, its shared vision was for the benefit of everyone who lived and worked in the NT. “This plan is for all Territorians,” she said.

“The natural resources of the Northern Territory are an integral part of our daily lives. Natural assets such as our coastal and marine ecosystems, soil, and plants and animals sustain us, provide income and contribute to cultural and spiritual well-being.

“Our natural environment is the envy of many around the world, however, its future and our future as its inhabitants, depends on the actions we implement now to deal with the challenges and opportunities we face.”

Key facts

  • The Northern Territory natural resource management plan 2016 - 2020 was produced following 18 months of research, consultation and collaboration with the Territory’s many NRM stakeholders

  • The plan includes comprehensive documents for each region; Top End, Gulf Savanna, Tablelands and Arid lands as well as supplementary material on the assets and pressures in the NT and established and emerging carbon economy opportunities

  • Goals and measurable milestones are set out in nine programs; Managing fire, Preventing and managing weeds, Reducing the impact of feral animals, Industry adoption of sustainable practices, Water resources and soil management, NRM based economic opportunities, Minimising ecological footprints of development, Managing and protecting key natural and cultural assets and Knowledge, capacity and engagement.




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