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BLOG: Dhimurru women attend National Landcare Conference thanks to Territory NRM grant

Mundatjngu Mununggurr, Rakrakpuy Marika and Vanessa Drysdale at the 2016 National Landcare Awards.

Two young Dhimurru miyalk (women) Rangers have returned from Melbourne in high spirits after attending the National Landcare Conference and Awards, thanks to a Territory Natural Resource Management Community Support Grant.

Territory NRM provides Community Support Grants of up to $1,000 year-round, with community groups and schools eligible to apply for the funding to help carry out a range of NRM-related activities such as completing small projects, travelling to conferences and awards, or hosting community engagement events.

For Dhimurru Rangers Mundatjngu Mununggurr and Rakrakpuy Marika their trip down south was the first time either had attended a conference.

Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation Project Facilitator Lisa Roeger said the women arrived back in the Territory keen to share all they had learned about looking after country in different ways from projects around Australia.

"Opportunities like this help the rangers to understand their work is similar to many peoples from all types of background and industry and that we can learn off each other and work together to that end," Lisa said.

Former Dhimurru Facilitator Vanessa Drysdale joined the Rangers at the awards, where she was in the running for a national gong, following her receipt of the Australian Government Landcare Facilitator award in the Northern Territory last year.

Vanessa said she and the Rangers had a wonderful time and attracted a lot of attention from fellow attendees, who were interested in them and Dhimurru's work.

TV personality and landscape architect Costa Georgiadis also met the women at the awards, where he proved an enthusiastic supporter.

"Costa was pretty impressed with them!," Lisa happily relayed to Territory NRM.

Applications for Territory NRM's Community Support Grants are accepted anytime. Click here for more information.




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