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MEDIA RELEASE: Finniss River's Northern long-necked turtles project receives support from the Ic

We are pleased to announce that Territory Natural Resource Management’s (TNRM) project, looking into the health and condition of the Finniss River's northern long-necked turtle population, has received funding support from the INPEX-operated Ichthys LNG Project. This contribution is part of the Ichthys LNG Project's wider community investment program to support the communities in which it operates.

"TNRM’s vision of Territorians working together to manage our environments’ natural, cultural and economic values for the benefit of all lies at the core of each of the many projects we deliver and support. We are delighted to have attracted the interest of the Ichthys LNG Project to support research which will directly contribute to a greater understanding of the health and condition of the Finnis River’s northern long necked turtle amongst a large cross section of its surrounding communities".

Karen May, CEO TNRM

The project, “Assessment of northern long-necked turtle population status and school awareness along the Finniss River, Northern Territory” – will assist community management of a traditional Aboriginal food source and aims to help address concerns that Aboriginal people in the Finniss catchment of the Northern Territory have about the health and condition of one of their key traditional foods, the northern long-necked turtle. Whilst the species has been harvested for a long time in the area, in recent years traditional owners have noted that turtles are of poorer condition and contain less fat than they used to, and the fat is also now a greenish colour instead of yellow. To investigate possible environmental causes, researchers Dr Carla Eisemberg and Dr Erica Garcia from Charles Darwin University will work with traditional owners to sample the turtle population and collect data on the environmental and biological factors that could potentially be affecting the health of this species. Information gathered through the project will help to guide future turtle management and provide environmental education actions. The Ichthys LNG Project funding will support turtle tissue sample analysis, and be used to produce a booklet with information about the species (Biology, Threats and Conservation), which will be distributed in the primary schools near the Finniss River (Batchelor and Humpty Doo) during World Rivers Day, which takes place on Sunday 23 September this year.

"The Ichthys LNG Project is excited to support this program, which will enhance the shared understanding of an environmentally and culturally significant natural resource and will also help ensure that resources are available for future generations", shared Bill Townsend, INPEX General Manager External Affairs and Joint Venture.

Territory Natural Resource Management is an independent not for profit organisation that works with landholders, community groups, industry and government to support the responsible management of water, land, soils, plants and animals. TNRM are the custodians of a five year plan promoting shared vision of all involved in natural resource management in the Territory. The 2016-2020 TNRM Plan identifies goals and priorities for NRM activities across the four regions that make up the NT, The Top End, Gulf Savanna, Table Lands and Arid Lands.

TNRM is a membership based organisation. Our current members include peak industry bodies, community and Landcare groups, pastoral businesses, Indigenous organisations and local government. Community input and participation in our activities is important to us.

For further information about this project or TNRM more broadly, please contact

Karen May

Chief Executive Officer

Territory Natural Resource Management

Phone: 08 8942 8311




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