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NT Soil Consortium launches on World Soil Day


Building Land Manager Capacity and knowledge in Soil Health & Conservation

Launch: Wednesday, 5 December, Lakeside Drive Community Garden

10.00am – 11.00am

Territory Natural Resource Management (TNRM) has established the NT Soil Consortium to bring together land managers from various industries, soil experts and those who are involved in or have an interest in soil health and conservation.

The NT Soil Consortium encourages everyone who has an interest in the land and their soil to be involved and the advantages of peer-to-peer, farm-to-farm learning is the basis of the Consortium.

From backyard gardeners, to horticulturists, to pastoralists and kitchen chefs, the Consortium will benefit everyone and the opportunities that come from networking, training, and learning will allow the Northern Territory to become resilient against challenges facing those who work on the land.

The NT Soil Consortium has been created as a direct response to conversations between TNRM and farmers, land managers, and gardeners across the NT. We’ve been lucky to receive funding from the National Landcare Program: Smart Farm Small Grants, and all planning and activities have been arranged based on requests received from the community. It will very much be a bottom up approach to soil health and conservation,allowing everyone to share experiences and knowledge. We want to breakdown the fence lines and encourage everyone to talk to each other, and help one another implement sustainable practices and get the very best out of their soils”. Jacob Betros, Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator TNRM

Guest Speaker: DR MATT HALL (NT Department of Primary Industry and Resources.

Dr Hall will be presenting on the fundamentals of soil health and how vegetable and melon growers can benefit from the use of wet season cover crops in these farming systems. Dr Hall has a PhD in Horticultural Science from the University of Sydney, and over ten years of agriculture extension experience across New Zealand and Australia.

The NT Soil Consortium will be a Resources Hub of news, information, tools, and dialogue to assist with enhancing soil characteristics. Anyone will have access to information on the biological composition of soil and the ecosystem services it provides, as well as on the protection of soil from erosion and other types of deterioration.

TNRM will run a series of Soil Health workshops during 2019-2020 across the Territory.

Join the conversation & stay informed:

For further information on the NT Soil Consortium, please contact:Jacob Betros, Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator, TNRM

M. 0438 756 481 E. [email protected]




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