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MEDIA RELEASE: Plan to Protect West Arnhem Land and Kakadu from Gamba Grass

5 March 2021

A plan to protect west Arnhem Land and Kakadu National Park from Gamba grass has been produced by Territory Natural Resource Management (TNRM) and Indigenous ranger groups and landholders in the region.

The Gamba Grass Regional Management Plan for Western Arnhem Land and Kakadu takes a collaborative approach to stopping the spread of the highly invasive environmental weed, Gamba grass.

Gamba grass grows taller and more densely than native grasses and matures later in the dry season. It creates high fuel loads that can cause uncontrollable hot wildfires that destroy vegetation, large trees, animal habitat and decrease local biodiversity.

The plan was developed as part of TNRM’s West Arnhem and Kakadu Regional Project, which is supported through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program. TNRM also supports ranger groups in the region to undertake Gamba grass prevention actions. These actions include patrolling and monitoring roadsides and gravel pits, reporting and controlling new infestations, and mapping and data collection.

Ms Susanne Casanova, Coordinator of the West Arnhem Land & Kakadu Regional Project, points to the importance of collaboration and acknowledges project partners for their efforts to prevent the spread of Gamba grass into some of the Top End’s most significant natural areas.

Ms Casanova explains that “there are many people who care deeply about keeping the West Arnhem region Gamba Grass free and we wanted to build on that dedication and enthusiasm. We have put this plan together to illustrate some of the best ways that any land manager, local or visitor to the area, can prevent outbreak and spread of Gamba grass in the region.”

Darwin’s rural areas, parts of Litchfield National Park and even some Darwin sites are battling serious Gamba grass infestations. Fortunately, in west Arnhem Land and Kakadu National Park, there is still time to stop gamba in its tracks before it impacts on this unique part of the Territory.

The following partners provided valuable input to development of the plan:

Arafura Swamp Rangers Aboriginal Corporation

Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation

DEMED Aboriginal Corporation - Adjumarllarl Rangers

Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation – Djurrubu Rangers

Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation

Mimal Land Management Aboriginal Corporation

Njanjma Rangers

Northern Land Council - Wagiman Guwardagun Rangers

Warddeken Land Management

NT Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security

Kakadu National Park

Contact details Email [email protected] Head Office: 08 89 428 300





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