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Get your native plants in the ground before the Wet

Native plant experts including Travis Messner (right) from Territory Native Plants will be on hand at the Top End's first Eco-Fair.

The Top End’s first Native Eco-Fair and Plant Sale is set to kick off this weekend, with a huge range of native plants, products and services for the suburban gardener, rural block owner and land manager.

Proudly presented by the Top End Native Plant Society, Territory Natural Resource Management (TNRM), Land for Wildlife and Territory Native Plants the event, to be held on Sunday 28th November is dedicated to preserving, maintaining and enhancing Top End Native ecosystems, habitats and natural resources.

TNRM Land for Wildlife Project Officer James Pike said the day was an opportunity to pick up some native plants for your garden and get advice on horticulture, landscaping, soils, pest management, water management and habitat creation all in the one place.

“Meet the animals that call your garden home with Darwin Wildlife Sanctuary and Territory Wildlife Park, with information on pollinators of the region including native stingless bees with honey and bush tucker tastings,” he said.

“Or bring your plant photos and samples to get ID’s and advice on native plant, weeds and water usage from those in the know from Charles Darwin University, Organic AG, TNRM, Power and Water’s Living Water Smart program, and Land For Wildlife Top End.”

The 2021 Eco-Fair will also feature the ever popular Top End Wet Season Native Plant Sale for locals wanting to support wildlife, beautify their gardens and conserve water, featuring more than 100 NT Native species including:

● Waterwise cyclone and termite resistant shade trees

● Bird and butterfly attracting feature plants

● Fragrant, flowering native shrubs & groundcovers

● NT native edibles and bush tucker

Top End Native Plant Society President Russell Dempster said that Top End natives were becoming more sought after as landowners grew tired of the palm frond dump runs, water usage, and the lack of native birds, bees and butterflies in their gardens.

“NT native plants have adapted to cope with our wet/dry climate and also create habitat, so they’re proving to be an important part of the solution,” he said.

“Natives also flower abundantly with perfumed scents, produce edible fruit and are generally a lot lower on maintenance, so are an excellent alternative to exotic plantings.”

Part of the proceeds from the plant sale will be donated to the Top End Native Plant Society, a not for profit community group who promote the appreciation, conservation and study of flora native to the Top End.

NT Native species for sale will include Terminalia, Acacia, Grevillea, Eucalyptus and Corymbia, Tamarind, Mimusops, Bush Apples, Paperbarks, Tea tree, Beauty leaf, Boabs, Flame trees, Rain trees, Native peanut, Native nutmeg and much more. Sizes range from affordable tube stock to more mature 200mm and 28L plant stock.

The event will be held at the Fred’s Pass ‘Big Shed’ on the corner of Bees Creek Road and the Stuart Highway on Sunday, November 28th from. 8.30am to 2.30pm.

The event is supported by Charles Darwin University Environmental Studies, Organic Ag, Territory Natural Resource Management, Land for Wildlife, Living Water Smart NT, Darwin Wildlife Sanctuary, Territory Wildlife Park, Environment Centre, NTG Weeds Branch & Water Resources, CrocWise, Litchfield & Palmerston Councils, TNRM’s Gamba Army, Landcare NT, NT Field Naturalists, Birdlife NT and Open Gardens NT.





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