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Top End Forum

Come and listen to a selection of landholders and managers working on some interesting NRM projects across the Top End region.  read more »

Community Participation

We welcome community participation in all our activities. Membership is open to all bodies which have an interest in natural resource management in the NT.  read more »

Territory Conservation Agreements

Territory Conservation Agreements allow landholders to conserve key parts of their property and enhance the sustainability of their production operations.  read more »

Finniss Reynolds catchment management

FEATURED PROJECT: One of TNRM's major catchment management projects, which addresses the combined issues of Mimosa pigra and feral pigs in the Finniss and Reynolds Rivers region.  read more »

2015 Conference Summary

Click here for a wrap up of the 2015 Conference and Awards  read more »
Territory Natural Resource Management (TNRM) is an independent not for profit organisation that works with land holders, groups, industry and government to ensure sustainable management of our water, land, soils and biodiversity.
We are custodians of a community based regional NRM plan, which identifies the goals and priorities for NRM across the Territory. read more »
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