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Soil is one of our planet’s greatest assets, it is the foundation that grows the food and fibre that feeds and clothes our population. Soils also underpin many landscape processes, they are essential for agriculture but also to the functioning of water, nutrient and carbon cycles and for supporting biodiversity.

The Healthy Soil NT program provides farmers and land managers with the practical tools and information they need to protect and improve their soils. The program includes training, knowledge sharing and one on one activities to increase: 

  • Understanding of the relationship between land management    practices and soil condition

  • Access to relevant soil health information and advice for            managing soils

  • Practical skills to sample and interpret soil test results and apply    methods for managing soils

  • Understanding of the fundamentals of soil fertility and nutrition

  • Interactions within the agricultural industry, through individual    engagement and outreach activities with soil extension officers    

Building capacity and knowledge in soil health 

Sustainable Soils Skill Set.jpg


Territory Natural Resource Management invites anyone with an interest in soils to get involved in conversations and networks through our peer-to-peer learning events and community of practice groups.


Sustainable Soils Skillset

The Sustainable soils skillset training program from the University of Queensland (UQ Skills) teaches units from the Diploma of Agriculture and includes face-to-face workshops in Alice Springs Darwin and Katherine, and webinars and written course resources.


Soil Symposium

The Soil Symposium roadshow is held once a year in Darwin, Kathrine and Alice Springs. The Symposium brings scientists, farmers and passionate soil industry people to present ideas and experiences that promote soil conservation and soil health. 

Soil Health Visits ​

Our Soil Extension Officers work one on one with producers to assist in understanding soil management options, soil health and soil testing.


Northern Territory soils are some of the most fragile in the world and our producers face challenging conditions for soil management including vast areas, wet and dry seasons, extreme heat, low soil fertility, and the pressures of rising input prices.

To ensure that farming in the region continues to be competitive and sustainable, it is imperative that farmers and land managers are knowledgeable and skilled in soil management, and have access to the information and support they need to protect and manage their soils. 

Multi Species Pasture With Fergal O'Gara (18).jpg

Soil Extension Officer, Jack Farthing, works with producers to assist in understanding soil management and health.


For more information on the Healthy Soils NT program contact Soil Extension Officer Jack Farthing:


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0460 951 040

Check out our events page for upcoming workshops and training opportunities.

NT Soil Consortium

The NT Soil Consortium Facbeook Group is a forum for land managers, soil experts and any one interested in soil to network, share ideas and discuss all things soil related.

Farmers fishers and cattle producers

The Farmers Fishers and Cattle producers are an informal group of like-minded individuals who meet to discuss and debate the latest developments within their respective industries. Everyone is welcome to join the discussion.


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Healthy Soils program activities are delivered by Territory NRM through funding from the Australian Government's National Landcare Program

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