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Territory Natural Resource Management's Sustainable Pastoral Business Program.

We have been partnering with producers for over eight years, and together we have learned a lot about how simple changes to land management practices can improve the productivity, sustainability and resilience of pastoral enterprises.

Looking to the future, Territory cattle producers can look forward to new opportunities as domestic and international markets reflect evolving consumer preferences for beef that has been sustainably produced. With largely intact rangelands and grass fed beef, Territory cattle producers will be well positioned to tap into these preferences. 

Producers are under mounting pressure to manage their pastoral operations more efficiently, and make better use of the resources available to them.


Combined with the increasing challenges and uncertainties of climate variability and extreme weather events, there is a strong case for protecting and enhancing the natural resources (such as vegetation, soils and water) that underpin pastoral productivity and resilience in the paddock.


As cattle producers are well aware native pasture, soil health and water play a pivotal role in all aspects of beef production and need to be managed with the same diligence, vigour and care as any other critical element of their pastoral operation.

Through its Sustainable Pastoral Business Program, and in partnership with other industry stakeholders, TNRM will guide, support and facilitate cattle producers to strengthen and develop their natural resource capacity. This will help to insure that the NT cattle industry remains a viable, dynamic operation with progressive land management practices focused towards long term sustainability which aligns with the growing expectations of investors, customers and community.

The program will:

  • Strengthen and build upon our existing network of partner cattle producers

  • Support direct exchanges of knowledge, information and experiences between pastoral land managers

  • Increase the visibility and profile of sustainable land management practices by supporting established demonstration sites and promoting the lessons learned from these 

  • Provide producers with relevant information and clear step-by-step guidance on how to achieve production efficiencies and improve their ‘bottom line’ through improved land management practices

  • Develop a mechanism that enables Territory producers to have their sustainable production practices verified and recognised  

TNRM Pastoral Infographic_Pastoral stati
TNRM Pastoral Infographic_Tonnes of feed


The Sustainable Pastoral Business Program is our latest collaboration with NT Pastoralists to look after their native vegetation, the basis for their business.


Sound management of native vegetation enhances biodiversity and protects soil and water for all Territorians.


Watch out for our branded infographics, online resources and podcasts that will share the information that sustainable pastoral businesses will be built on now and into the future.


Cow with GPS Collar Caz Pettit.jpeg


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To learn about water dating back to the time of dinosaurs and what makes a healthy waterhole, download the podcast, Shrimps in the Desert. A conversation with Andy Bubb (on behalf of TNRM) and Professor Jenny Davis.

LISTEN NOW: Andy Bubb, (on behalf of TNRM) chats with Dionne Walsh, Rangelands Program Manager at NT Department of Primary Industries and Resources, about sustainable vegetation management in the Northern Territory, and finds out about tools for producers and land managers to get the best environmental and economic out comes for their properties. 

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