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Territory Natural Resource Management (TNRM) is an independent not for profit, membership based organisation which has been working with landholders,  community groups, industry and government since 2003, to ensure sustainable management of water, land, soils and biodiversity in the Northern Territory.

Our dedicated and professional team of staff work with people across the Territory to identify NRM issues and opportunities, and to plan and implement NRM solutions at a local and regional scale.

We develop, support and deliver projects and source investment to:

  • Maintain our natural environment

  • Protect the habitat of our threatened species

  • Improve land management practices and sustainability

Governed by a board of directors, and guided by the Northern Territory NRM Plan, TNRM currently has over 70 members holding interests in NRM in the NT or representing residents of the NT.

As a membership organisation, community participation and input in our activities is important to us. TNRM's membership includes industry bodies, Landcare and community groups, local government, Indigenous organisations, primary producers and local businesses.

TNRM membership is free and open to all entities that have an interest in natural resource management in the Northern Territory, or represent residents of the Northern Territory.

We are one of 56 NRM groups in Australia, and the only one in the Territory, responsible for coordinating and administrating Australian Government funding provided specifically for natural resource management. 

We are also a member of the Rangeland NRM Alliance, which is a network of 14 regional NRM organisations that collaborate to improve natural resource management across Australia's rangelands, which make up 80% of the continent.

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