Gamba Army Coordinator Rowena Eastick (in PPE) with team members Angelina Trnka, Russel O'Regan, Haiden Delaney-Phillips and Hamish Clark


The Northern Territory Government has engaged TNRM to coordinate the $500,000 ‘Gamba Army’ as one part of the Government’s overarching Gamba Management Framework.

The Gamba Army Project aims to protect high use community and recreational areas and to complement existing land manager weed control efforts by providing an additional workforce in priority areas over the 2020-2021 wet season.

The current spraying schedule targets areas within the Casuarina Coastal Reserve and Charles Darwin National Park before Christmas 2020 in order to maximise the effectiveness of the operation.

TNRM has also established a register of preferred weed spraying contractors who will support the activities of the Gamba Army, adding to the number of jobs and local businesses to benefit from the initiative. Gamba Army workers operate on a flexible basis to meet the dictates of rainfall and weed growth rate.

GAMBA Grass infestation


Where would you deploy the GAMBA Army?


If you were able to deploy your own Gamba Army for a week, what one area would you prioritise for spraying?

Message us now to let us know your priority site.

There will be a range of sites targeted across the Darwin and Litchfield region under a prioritisation process that complements existing weed management programs.

It is a challenging task that involves a range of stakeholders including the NT Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security and NT Weeds Management Branch; Crown Land Estate; and Bushfires NT.

TNRM will provide ongoing information including the mapping and monitoring of Gamba Army activities and outcomes.



What jobs will be created with the GAMBA Army?


What is the cost of the GAMBA Army Project?


Why are you using commercial companies as part of the GAMBA Army project?


Are the GAMBA Army jobs full-time or casual?


What training will the GAMBA Army workers receive?


What type of work is being done as part of the GAMBA Army project?


When did TNRM begin the work on the GAMBA Army project?

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What chemical/s are being used in the spraying of GAMBA grass?


Where will spraying of GAMBA grass occur?


How do the public know if there is spraying in their neighbourhood?

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