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Good environmental management of bush blocks offers the potential for major conservation gain. In Northern Australia, there may characteristically be one or two rangers per 1,000 km2 of national park – on bush blocks, the management input may be at least 100 times that effort. It is possible on bush blocks to achieve conservation outcomes that are practically impossible on larger blocks of land. It’s possible to achieve even more conservation gain working together with your neighbours and pooling resources.

- John Woinarski



Land for Wildlife is a voluntary conservation program, supporting landholders to provide wildlife habitat through nature conservation and land management and promoting wildlife awareness and education. 

Land for Wildlife operates in several parts of Australia,  within different organisations. In the Top End it is now run through Territory Natural Resource Management . There are over 200 properties registered and regular landholder events. 


Becoming a member of Land for Wildlife supports conservation efforts in the Top End region of the Northern Territory and links together people who value the diversity and wildlife in our amazing landscapes.



Land for Wildlife runs 2-3 capacity building workshops every year for members. The subject matter is selected dependent on members requests and relevant topics.

“Landholder walks and talks” have also been started over the last couple of years to encourage landholders to share their knowledge and story about land management on their property with others.

Members are notified of upcoming LFW events via email with registration links

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If you would like to receive newsletters, updates, information about interesting events or land management tools, become a ‘friend of’ land for wildlife and subscribe today.

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There are many great resources out there for landholders.

We are currently putting together some valuable resources for you and include useful contacts and web links.

Watch this space!

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James Pike, Project Officer
08 8942 8300

[email protected]

Territory Natural Resource Managment

2, 34-36 Mclachlan Street,

Darwin NT 0800

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