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In May 2013, over 50 Top End pastoralists, land managers, students and industry experts gathered at Mount Bundy Station to learn about soil erosion and to discuss weeds, pastures and soil health. The workshop included lessons in soil erosion and how leaving it unmanaged can lead to significant long term costs for graziers, along with techniques to restore soil health. Soil expert Daryl Hill gave a demonstration on creating diversion banks to reinstate the natural water flow and Fiona McBean from Holistic Soil Management discussed innovations in improving soil vitality that she is trialling at Camp Creek Station.

“Around 85% of soil erosion on stations is caused by poor road construction which is usually a result of most grader drivers being self taught. You can’t expect the land to fix itself, you need to be proactive and stop acceleration of erosion before you wind up with a real problem.”
Darryl Hill, Soil Expert

Tom Price from Weeds Management Branch presented an update on control measures for Mimosa, Bellyache Bush and Gamba Grass across the Top End, as well as the discussing the emergence of Yellow Oleander as a weed threat. The benefits of bio-control were discussed along with the best combination of treatments for the most effective results.

These workshops represent a great opportunity for landholders and experts in different fields to get together to share outcomes of the latest research—including emerging issues and threats, to gain knowledge on best practice land management and to share their experiences.


The day was organised by Peter Clifton – NT Regional Landcare Facilitator – and supported by Territory Natural Resource Management and the NT Farmers Association.

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