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Territory Conservation Agreements (TCAs) are 10-year partnerships between TNRM and land managers. These stewardship agreements support land managers with practice change and conservation activities on their properties.

There are 44 TCA sites covering over 56,000ha in the NT. 

This project aims to improve knowledge on the condition of the Central Australian Cabbage Palm and, in collaboration with parks staff, Indigenous rangers and Traditional Owners, implement strategic actions to prevent further population decline.

This program supports pastoralists to improve manage of native vegetation in order to achieve increased production and environmental outcomes.

The NT Soil Consortium aims to better enable land managers to implement land management practices that will improve on-farm soil

Project that will improve knowledge of the distribution of the northern hopping-mouse, identify threats to the species, and identify habitat condition at known, and historic records of the species.

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The TNRM Conference showcases NRM projects and activities from the Territory. There is also plenty of networking time for more in-depth conversations. The event is complimented by the much loved NT NRM Awards celebrations.


The NT NRM Awards recognise excellence in NRM in the Northern Territory!

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