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Picture a world where you could receive accurate estimates of the feed supply, every five days, in every paddock….. Imagine having certainty over your feed forecast. Knowing exactly how many stock days are available, booking trucks, planning supplement programs and identifying opportunities to trade or agist.

Well that time is now!


Pastoralists routinely make complex decisions to optimise production while sustaining their pasture resources. Decisions about feed management become even more critical during times of scarcity and drought. Successful decision-making requires accurate knowledge of the pasture situation at key times.

Useful satellite data is now commercially available at the property scale. Territory NRM is working with Northern Territory cattle producers to trial, promote and support the use of satellite technology uptake and adoption through the Forage mapping for resilient landscapes program.

Territory NRM is partnering with cattle producers keen to use new technology to take their grazing land management to the next level.

Participants are receiving training and one-on-one coaching to:

  • Access, use and understand remotely sensed pasture data

  • Combine on-ground and satellite data for accurate feed estimates

  • Simplify and automate their feed budgeting process


The project will increase the Territory’s capacity to extend this new technology to benefit our industry and landscapes.

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  • Case Study: Aileron Station - Using cattle GPS data and satellite forage maps to fine-tune decision making

  • Case Study: Cave Creek Station - Using satellite data to plan our burning program

  • Case Study: Mount Denison - Using satellite data to manage the impacts of
    wildfire on pastoral operations

  • Fact Sheet: Forage Budgeting - Improving the accuracy and precision of forage budgeting

  • Fact Sheet: Mustering and Supplementation - Using satellite data to plan mustering and supplementation programs

  • The NT Drought Symposium will cover a range of perspectives including Territory producers talking about how they prepare for and manage dry times. Please contact us for more information [email protected]

  • We are working with industry to introduce a coarse-scale Territory-wide feed map. This will enable producers to view feed conditions and trends and will provide the Territory with a drought early-warning system

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Funding support for this project has been provided by the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund

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